Using vertices, edges and faces in blender

  1. Make sure you have a mesh object selected
  2. it should be a mesh because only mesh objects have vertices
  3. use the drobdown menu at the top left corner of your screen to switch from object mode to edit mode this will give you access to the control points called vertices, faces and edges that allow you to deform and change the shape of any mesh you can also use the “tab key” on your keyboard as your shortcut for entering and living edit mode

you will only be able to switch to switch to edit mode for the object or objects you have selected though make sure they are of the same object type

5. Now that we are in edit mode you can select any of the 3 types of control points or edit modes which are vertex mode, edge mode and face mode

these will give you control over vertex, edge and face manipulation tools respectively with each having different options which you can see by right clicking in the view port.

Vertex Context Menu

Edge context Menu

Face context menu

as you can see each of the modes has there own unique options and sometimes share different options these may work slightly different or in the similar way

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