Why is everyone switching to blender

Why is everyone switching to blender

Hello there my name is esmiles and lets look at why everyone is switching to blender,

After the release of blender 2.8 we have seen a large number of studios either switching to blender or joining the blender development fund, this has not always been the case with other releases, and this is not the first time blender has got a full overhaul.

In 2009 blender 2.5 alpha was released which saw a completely new user interface design, introduction of cycles render engine, and a different workflow that exposses more buttons than relying on shortcuts which made it harder for beginners to learn the program.

The difference between blender 2.5 series and 2.4 series is night and day though it did not get the same exposure or love like 2.8 is getting. As of recording this there more than 20 copperations supporting the blender development fund including major coperations like epic games, nvidia, amd and ubisoft.

Most of these jumped on only after the release of blender 2.8, so whats so special about 2.8 that has led to all this support, is the update that good or are there some external factors causing companies to invest in blender more and more everyday.

Its really hard to put into perspective the difference between this year and other years if you are looking at the blender development fund until you read this excerpt from the 2019 development fund report.

From 9 developers to 20 developers, from 22400 euros per month to 115000 thousand per month that’s a leap of a jump. So how did this happen and most importantly why did this happen and why is important to look at because then you know what to do so as to keep things going as good as they are going and maybe even push them more in that direction.

When you look at the top patrons on they are all major copperations, you can only become that big if you are making more good decisions than bad decisions.

the fact that, there more than a few industry leaders all jumping on board at the same time is not a coincidence, there is something major going on and here are my thoughts.

  1. Content is king

This decade most successful business in tech have mostly been businesses that provide content in some form or another, take an example of youtube, Netflix, twitch, epic store even nvidia and amd though not directly distributing or producing content there products enable for this content especially games to be consumed.

There millions of transactions made everyday within this industry and to me it seems like everyone is trying to establish themselves somewhere on this transaction line.

You have the content creators or artists like you and me, and you have the consumers, the people who watch animations you make, movies you make or play the games you make.

Companies like youtube, vimeo, twitch, facebook or epic games are middle men in these transactions, and the way it looks to me, its nolonger enough to be the middle man.

It seems to me that more companies have started realizing its better to support the content creators by directly funding them or just making the tools they use to produce content free so they can use your platform, this is youtube’s model, upload when ever you want, how ever you want all for free which is different from vimeo which charges a fee that’s why it can’t compete with youtube.

This is also evident with the acquisition of quixel megascans library by epic games, and there monthly free assets giveaway, they want to make it easy for you to make content, hopefully content you will host on there platform. It seems also they are acquiring anything they can get there hands on thanks to fortnite more and when they can’t acquire you like blender they will atleast throw a million dollars at you.

They need you to make more, because unreal engine is not enough for making games, you need a program to make your models and other assets, they are pushing blender to get better with there 1 million dollar grant, because they unreal engine is not enough for texturing they acquired megascans and made it free, this is them making it easy for you to make content they can sell to the end user.

I predict the next wave of development fund is coming from streaming services like Netflix, amazon video or disney’s streaming service. We have already seen Netflix movie Next, a movie made fully with blender and funded by Netflix, expect more and more like this to happen prepare your self, shappen you skills this is going to be a ride.

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