New blender 2.83 release date and more stuff

if its not obvious already how blenders development is unstoppable is incite update to the blender benchmark

if it’s not obvious already, how blender’s development is becoming more and more unstoppable every day, this insight in the upcoming version of blender, blender 2.83 should provide you enough motivation to jump onto the blender 2.8 bandwagon. 

blender has come along way from when I started using it around 2008 on its 2.47b build, which had a cranky interface that made navigating the thick Amazon forest look like a breeze.

then after a little push from the community and the controversial Andrew price criticism of blender’s interface, the much need update was made, and we saw a complete overhaul of the interface to produce 2.5 with a button drove, dark-themed interface with killer features which included but not limited to the cycles render engine, a smoke simulator and more.

Though there were a lot of new features added, we also so the fazing out of some features including the blender game engine, blender internal render, blender reactor particles and more.

Forgive my blender history one on one but I feel it’s necessary to look back at these features as we are seeing them come back in blender 2.8 but more beefed up. 

We can see the reminiscence of blender internal render in blender Eevee, and what looks like blender reactor particles in the new blender functions node.

There also improvements in the cloth simulator, I will live this video here demonstrating some of those. 

There is also a newly updated blender benchmark, for those unaware of what it is.

the Blender Benchmark is a platform that collects and displays the results of hardware and software performance tests. With this benchmark, you aim at an optimal comparison between system hardware and installations, and to assist you in choosing the right setup and configuration for your workstation.

basically, it’s a way to tell what’s the best CPU, GPU to use for blender.

read more about the benchmark

Today we also look at other things going on in other 3d programs, yesterday the cinema 4d official channel release Andrew Cramer’s talk on making the THX trailer, giving us a deep breakdown of the work that went into making the impressing trailer which you can watch here,

it seems every day there is more and more news in the VFX world so stick around for more maybe hit that subscribe button thanks

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