how to control the rotation, scale and position of a texture in blender using an object

  1. select the object you want to add the texture to, 3 – and add a material, then switch to the 4 – materials editor/ shading layout, we are going to use Suzanne head as our model.


lets setup a simple linear gradient texture to have a texture in the viewport to manipulate, lets follow the steps in the screenshot to ad a gradient texture.

  1. add a gradient texture by using the shortcut Shift+A then goto, textures -> gradient texture
  2. the gradient is going to be abit faint so lets add a math node with the operation of add, play with the value input to get some good contrast in the gradient, don’t forget to connect the gradient node to the math node which you can find under Shift A, Math
  3. and then to the base color of the principle bsdf node
  4. to have control we are going to need a texture coordinate node and a mapping node, find the texture coordinate node under shift+A -> input
  5. the mapping node is under shift A, vector
  6. connect the nodes like in the screenshot also make sure you are connecting the object output of the texture coordinate node to the vector input of the mapping node
  7. now that the nodes are setup, we just need a control object, to make things easy, lets add an empty then select it as the target object in the texture coordinate note.

after completing the above steps, you now gained the power to control the rotation, scale and rotation of any texture using another object

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