blender boob physics project settings and material setup

download project here

final render

the final render was made with eevee, i used two area lights and a point light for the lighting, the background is just a mesh in a form of a ramp

with a white material

2. weight map used i drew this using a gradient tool for the weight so i can control where the chicks wiggle

3. i used the soft body simulation and cloth modifier to get better results

4. material or shader node setup used

its a simple massgrave node with a color ramp to clamp on the details, fed into a mix color node and a layer weight to highlight the shape of the chicks

every other shader used is just a variation of that

cloth and soft body simulation.

in the image, 1 is cloth simulation settings used, and 2 is softbody simulation settings used

i used the weight group i created as the goal group for the softbody settings and also as the pining group in the cloth settings

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