Qn. On modeling a house, uv unwrapping and making game assets in blender

I like very much your tutorials and I already learned a lot from your tutorials.
What I’m always missing are some good tutorials step-by-step on how to model a house, an old barn or somewhat like this. Additionally I’m always struggling with the uv unwrapping of such an object as well as how to texture it. Should I use some textures and the bake it out, especially when using it for some games?
What are doing the pros when they are just modeling such an object like a house? texturing with mapping nodes and that’s it?
How to present such an object? Turntable or walk through animation?
I’m an intermediate Blender user in modeling but always struggling with texturing with textures (not procedural textures). I’m missing the realistic touch in my models.
And yes, I would not expect this for free but paying for such a good tutorial.
Many thanks for your answer.


thanks for the question:

you dont have to pay for tutorials especially if you are requesting for a single tutorial on how to make something simple like a house or uv unwrapping, but if you want to support me you can become a patreon at

i have a number of tutorials on creating a house in blender here are some of them.

modeling a modern house in blender

this is a timelapse series but you can see the steps am doing easily


Here is a quick tutorial on uv unwrapping i made

if you want to learn baking in blender you can watch this video it covers uv unwrapping, texturing and baking to pbr materials

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